Washington. Healthcare. Translated.

Get Your Tech to Market… Wisely

  • Win rapid approval for your innovative healthcare technologies – avoid the many hidden barriers to market entry
  • Anticipate your “Morning After Approval” – get an early start on coverage, payment, adoption
  • Build your “Value Equation” – break out of the pack with data on costs, quality, outcomes

Master Your Terrain… Navigate regulatory challenges

  • Product developers: Understand your next steps with government … FDA, CMS, NIH, AHRQ
  • Investors: Learn what’s facing your portfolio companies … and what to do about it
  • Entrepreneurs: Know the opportunities for coverage and reimbursement … and the mine fields

Transform your Value Equation… into Broad Market Acceptance

  • Reach Key Opinion Leaders holding the make-or-break decisions for adopting new technologies
  • Translate your Value Equation … into compelling messages that engage your key audiences
  • Build a compelling “better quality, costs less” message … to gain entry into skeptical markets


We’re “Healthcare. Translated."

We can translate bureaucracy’s lingo into your professional knowledge base. From FDA to Medicare, from health reform to fraud & abuse. Some forest, some trees, and sometimes even a whole lotta leaves and twigs. Because you don’t want to get blindsided by a game-changing regulation in an agency you don’t always follow.

But it’s not just a translation. It’s an added dimension. We combine everything happening across the spectrum of federal healthcare and apply a serving of secret sauce – a package far beyond the sum of its pieces.

That’s “Healthcare. Translated.”

We are available through many of the leading “expert networks,” providing brief “no-strings, no-obligation” phone consultations analyzing news headlines, Wall Street developments, or other quick-breaking stories. Client identities and topics discussed are completely confidential, and no insider information changes hands. Call for details.


FDA  – approvals and the steps beyond

FDA – approvals and the steps beyond

New medical products don’t just need FDA’s approval – they need the healthcare system to cover them, and to pay a fair price… and to offer those assurances in advance. We can get you there.

Medicare – way beyond just getting paid

Medicare – way beyond just getting paid

Medicare coverage sets the stage for the whole country, and gets more complicated every year. Quality-based incentives, risk-based payments… we can give you a guided tour and lead you to a good result. High-profile, high-cost new products are a particular specialty.

Health Reform  – what’s next in Washington

Health Reform – what’s next in Washington

The ACA (Obamacare) has spawned a decade of change – who gets insurance, what gets covered, how US healthcare dollars are spent. Yesterday’s reforms can help predict tomorrow’s changes – let us eliminate some guesswork.

US Health Policy – The Mosaic Perspective

US Health Policy – The Mosaic Perspective

When you run a major project involving health policy issues, and identify a gap in the team’s perspective, the need is usually sophisticated, weighty and… urgent. Turn to us as the policy work on tap, ready for anything from long, thoughtful analysis to a dramatic last-minute rescue.