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High-Impact Drugs: Is “Impact” on patients or payers?

I caught a report from OptumRx of “Five Drugs Set to Have the Biggest Impact on Payers and Patients.” It’s a glimpse into late-stage pipeline products likely to be high-impact launches. You can find it here: https://www.fiercehealthcare.com/payer/optum-5-drugs-set-to-have-biggest-impact-payers-and-patients   It’s always worth looking at the pipeline of pharmaceuticals in development. It’s probably even more worthwhile looking…

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Acthar Gel: from 10,000 Feet

There’s a lot of attention going to Acthar Gel and how Medicaid has stripped it of its favorable rebate status, retroactively. Folks ask me, who really cares about a Medicaid rebate case – is this different? And I’ll now say… YES, this case is different.   This Acthar Gel situation can inspire a lot of…

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